Let Stagner Construction, Inc. make your bathroom a luxurious retreat space.

Dream Bathrooms

It used to be the most luxurious thing about a bathroom was a good book, a candle and a tub filled with bubbles. Not anymore. With people working harder than ever, the bathroom is rapidly becoming a haven in the home.

“People are really enjoying their homes these days,” says Mike Stagner, Stagner Construction, Inc. “Even though they spend a lot of time at work, when they are home, they want to feel like they’re walking into something amazing.”

Create a Personal Spa

With spa visits becoming more common across the U.S., homeowners are now looking for ways to bring that experience home. Whirlpool tubs and radiant heated floors now almost standard in new construction, designers are really starting to think outside the box when adding spa-like touches.

“The latest thing is to use warming drawers that are made for the bathroom to store towels,” says Mike Stagner “They’re very easy to install in a vanity and so nice when you get out of the shower.”

Luxurious Retreats

Showers and bathtubs are also getting the deluxe spa treatment. Steam showers and shower jet panels are gaining in popularity and air baths, which feature tiny, effervescent bubbles instead of targeted jets, are a hot new addition to the bathroom marketplace. Homeowners who are really ready to make an investment are opting for custom showers that combine a series of showerheads and body sprays mounted on the walls and ceiling of the shower space. The result is a unique rainforest-like experience for the user.

Make Your Bathroom a Get-Away

If you’ve ever spent time in a high-end hotel, you know just how luxurious their bathrooms can be. And when it comes time to check out, people are wanting to pack up that space and take it with them.

Homeowners are also choosing surfaces that enhance the overall look of the space. Natural stone and handcrafted tiles are being combined to create statement-making visuals. And Mike Stagner predicts the use of glass – for floors, counters and toilet enclosures – to be the next big thing.

From High-end to Home

“People who travel a lot are seeing these amazing bathrooms in high-end hotels and they want to bring that experience home,” says Mike Stagner.

Elegant vessel sinks and upholstered chaise lounges are making their way from high-rise hotels to two-story homes. Solid-wood cabinetry and pendant lighting that would look at home anywhere in the house are replacing store-bought vanities and medicine cabinets. Cappuccino makers and mini-refrigerators are even being installed right into walls or cabinets.